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my name is Elizabeth and did buy a car in this company, and I received a letter from a Collection Agency asking me for 600 , they said the Household sold my account to this agency, is that right, I sent a letter to this agency and I asked for debt validation, can you tell me how can I get mi title, thanks.

I buy this car on 1999 is was used car(98)thank you for help. 2 years ago my husband got sick (cancer) and I was behind of my payments and I talked to them and I had arrangments for payments and paid 200 monthly , and the debt was 600.oo

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Household Auto Finance - They Repo'd my car!!!

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After they repo'd the car....they auctioned it off and that should be the end of it.Well, this was in 2001- it all of a sudden popped up on my credit report 07-07.

I was trying to get a harley and this info pulled up. I am not happy!!! They let another company purchase the debt and so it looks like a brand new loan on my credit report and its not.

The old one should have rolled off already.I do not recommend this company to anyone and if anyone has any recommendations for me- please post them -thankyou

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thats awesome,, you let your car get repoed and then you want to go out and buy a harley.. and then you get on a website and complain about how you are having trouble getting financed.. you are my idol

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the debt stay whether another company buys it or not until it is off. 7-10 years it stays if it is paid, but otherwise it will follow you. Doesn't sound like you should be buying a Harley...........

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I agree with Reg, if you need a Harley so bad you should pay your bills. You are never just done with a repo, it will go on your credit.

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You need to contact the credit reporting agency and dispute the debt. Because it is illegal for a company to report old debt as new debt to keep it on your report longer than the required 5 to 7 years depending on your state law

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Maybe if you had kept up the payments, you wouldn't be in this situation. Sounds like you are the problem here.

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